Super Zesty Lemon Snaps #12week

Friday, 27 February 2015

Experimentation has its limits. This is the lesson I learnt last weekend while I was pretending to be a super chef plotting the preparation of a recipe which would revolutionary modern cuisine as we know it. Oblivious to all reason, I wanted to innovate in a field in which I am not particularly adept, experiencing consistent and resounding failure: biscuit making.

Things were as follows.

Pate, Potato and Mushrooms Stuffed Aubergines

Friday, 20 February 2015

My other half and I have been wondering about buying a house for quite a long time now. We would like to have our very own space, our refuge. We would like to have that special place to build up family memories, to see our children grow, to grow older together. We dream of each room in it: which colour the walls will be, which kind of handles the kitchen units will have, whether or not blue is a good colour for the boys’ bedroom. Decisions, decisions.

We have been visiting some properties. Masses of properties actually. Some nice, some not really, and some that should have made the estate agents feel embarrassed of showing. Over the last couple of years we haven’t found that house that has made us think "that´s the one". Until a couple of weeks ago, when we visited one that ticked all the boxes, including maybe the most tricky one: the budget.

So we started the ball rolling and have come across the most painful, tedious, bureaucratic and long-winded process ever.

Life Changing Pancakes

Friday, 13 February 2015

Next week is Shrove Tuesday, or most commonly known as Pancake Day. This is something completely new to us that has been, however, rapidly incorporated into our family save-the-date calendar.

Before living in the UK not only had we never celebrated pancake day, but also I can´t remember preparing pancakes myself ever. Not that I don´t like them, but blame the pan, blame the recipe, I have only managed to prepare lumpy, chewy, bland and shapeless pancakes. So last year, to celebrate our first Pancake Day I bought one of those already made mixes (shame on me) that did the job but that´s it.

Valentine´s Heart Throbs

Friday, 6 February 2015

Thank you. I have so many things to be grateful for. Before meeting you I always laughed about love at first sight. And then it happened to me, with the most unexpected individual in the most mysterious way. Love is a strange thing, isn’t it? And there I was. Disoriented. Stunned. Bewildered. Like a fool, trying to make you realise I was there. We were really good friends. We laughed and shared our problem-free lives. We drank and danced and talked and walked through every single street of the city. We shared coconut wafers. We discovered the most amazing songs and went to every concert. We played board games. We discussed every single subject and we put the world to rights time and time again. And at some points I felt so scared of how perfect life was that I wanted to spoil it just to check I was still alive. I must admit I did it, trying to lessen the dizziness.

Mashed Potato Bombs #12week

Friday, 30 January 2015

This year I have not written any New Year´s resolution. Amongst many other reasons, because I would probably have failed to keep any of the resolutions within one week. As I’ve done for the last… erm… many years.

As you can read here, I love lists. . So after being absolutely amazed by a project from the inspirational Moorea Seal called 52 Week Project, I decided to start the 12 Week Project,

I thought it was a brilliant idea, and because I love lists, I honestly believed it was going to be an easy one.

How wrong I was. "List the words that touch your soul" was the first list challenge I have faced.

Zucchini Noodles

Friday, 23 January 2015

My two sons are normally very good eaters. Apart from a couple of things, which I really don´t like much myself, they eat almost everything. I was like that when I was a child. I have always enjoyed a good lunch, my most favourite being fried eggs with French fries and homemade garlic mayonnaise. Yum.

However, when my husband was a child he was really picky, which provides the whole family with endless amusement. My mum-in-law enjoys telling us time and time again stories about how she had to blend everything to make him eat something. Apparently, he liked to read house decor magazines, which she used to take advantage of to fatten him up. But her joy didn't last long, as he was a keen page turner and, no matter he was only 2, if she dared to give him the same magazine twice, he would refuse to eat for the day. But like the intelligent mum she is, she had other tricks like adding some cheese puffs on top of the mush or even M&Ms!

Chunky Chocolate Leftovers Milkshake

Friday, 16 January 2015

Yes. I do agree. There is something wrong with the title of this post. I have been bashing my head against the wall with this all week. Chocolate I-was-shamefully-unable-to-eat-this-Christmas Milkshake? Chocolate how-can-this-be-possible Milkshake? Chocolate next-time-eat-faster Milkshake? None of them really suited me.

The reality is that sometimes in life, completely unexpected things happen. Like me having chocolate leftovers. Or me, having chocolate leftovers. Or me, having chocolate leftovers. Oh, man, it is so not the usual me!!

But this Christmas that is not the only weird thing that has happened to my household. No, because this Christmas a fairy has moved in with us. A F-A-I-R-Y. A real one.