Madeleines or Earl Grey Biscuits

Friday, 21 November 2014


Today I would like to talk with you. You, who are in the street, at home, on the bus, in the park, having a coffee, in a break, in the loo, waiting for someone, snuggling in your bed before falling asleep. With you, who are in the UK, in Spain, in America, in Australia, in Japan, in France. With you, who every Friday wait for our recipe, who receive our emails, who have just found us by accident, who only look at the pictures. To all of you who are there, looking through this peep-hole that is the Internet, enjoying with my recipes, laughing at my crazy stories, being a silent part of my life.

Today, I would like to talk too with those of you that find this blog quite boring, who think that the recipes are so-so, that the pictures are just ish.

Frankfurters & Apple Muffins

Friday, 14 November 2014

Lunch time in an office is one of the most interesting moments to take part in from an anthropological point of view. You can learn a lot from people by looking at their eating habits.

From my experience over quite a few years in different office environments, I would say that there are 6 types of people:

Custard Apple Cake

Friday, 7 November 2014

During my “pre-children” life I had a perfectly formed Idea of the kind of mum I was going to be, the kind of things I was going to do and it was crystal clear how confused and wrong the other parents were with their children. It seemed so easy to bring up the other people’s kids.

When my big son was born, I spent the first three months of his life debating whether or not I should put him in his crib. I had heard so many scary things about co-sleeping and I was so pushed not to do it by everyone that I felt I was doing something really horrible to my baby. And it was such a shock to realize that it was me who was confused and wrong.

All things Cake at BBC Show London

Friday, 31 October 2014

It has been a long, long week. Last Friday, after a hectic few days jamming, canning, labelling, preparing and with very little sleep, I packed up and set out  to the BBC Good Food Cakes & Bakes Show in London.

Amazingly good French cakes - By Babelle Cakes

The car couldn’t have been more full. After weeks of endless “to do lists”, “to take with us lists”, “not to forget lists”, we managed to fit everything in. I really thought it was going to conk out in the middle of the M5.

Portobello Mushrooms

Friday, 24 October 2014

We have inherited a piano. Well, it is not a proper inheritance. Is a temporary inheritance.

Our neighbours next door have moved house. They had a piano. He had a piano, but it was she who used to play it. And their lovely boy. 

They have moved and we miss them. It was nice to have such a great people living next door. And their cat, who used to welcome me home from work every day. Their cat  name is Tiberius, now you can guess the kind of amazing people they are.

Oreo Truffles

Friday, 17 October 2014

I feel cheated. Are they taking the mickey? They should be. They certainly are.

This week is "National Chocolate Week". Smile, you are on camera.


Does anybody in his right mind need such a simple and stupid excuse to eat chocolate? That’s insulting. My intelligence feels underestimated. Yes, it´s true, I eat LOTS of chocolate. But I'm not dumb. In fact, a recent research from Columbia University suggested regular cocoa intake led to improved mental function. I should be extremely intelligent then.

Crunchy Courgette Bites

Friday, 10 October 2014

If you really really really want to piss me off, arrange an appointment for me with the dentist.

No offense, but I'm pretty sure dentist have a deep and hidden need of tormenting the others. I would even dare to say that there is something evil in them. That in reality, they enjoy being dentists.

Because, OK, having a toothache is not nice at all. But why do they insist on making things even worse?